A/N: If any of you have read the magical short story I wrote a while back, then here is a part 2 to it. (Feel free to check out the original linked here if you haven’t) After I wrote that one, I couldn’t let it go. This time, I wrote a story from the point of view of Jordan and (a new character) her roommate, Nina. I usually, spew these stories off the top of my head and post them here. Naturally, they will be messy, but I welcome any thoughts or feelings you have about the story.

Some smelly, smelly vibes


Before Nina could walk in her room, she could smell magic leaking out of the door. She already knew the source of power. Yup, it’s one of those days. Two hours later, and it’s clear that her roommate Jordan, is still not over the incident. Nina inhales deeply before she decides to walk into the storm of magic waiting behind. She twists the doorknob and before it opens, she hears her roommate shout on the other end. One of the perks of living with a telepathic.

“I can’t believe she did that! She almost got me expelled. You know she framed me for the whole thing.”

“Well good evening to you too.” Trying to lighten the mood, Nina laughs. She walks through the door and plops down on her bed. Nina wrinkles her nose when the smell of burning metal hits her. Combinations of anger and magic always smelled the worst to her.

Jordan digs her nails deeper into her bed frame, hoping for the fire inside her to cool off. She could hear Nina’s thoughts softly prickle in the back of her mind. Having too much respect for her friend, she tries to ignore the white noise whispering. Usually, turning off mind reading is a cinch for Jordan. But when her emotions get the worst of any witch, magic can get unpredictable.

Trying to distract herself, Jordan picks up her stuffed cat and waves a hand over it. The enchanted cat stands up and rubs it’s face against her. Jordan feels a soothing purr vibrate against her palm. After a few calming breaths, Jordan looks at Nina, hoping for some comforting words of reassurance.

Nina keeps a neutral look on her face and shakes her head, “I think you are overreacting Jordan, I don’t think Gabriella knew what she was doing there. How could she have framed you anyway?”

Jordan bites her lip, trying to come up with a response, “I-I don’t know. Maybe she found a way to cheat on the test and hope I would get the blame. Everyone knows I’m the only one with that power. I mean did you see the way Miss Karen looked at me. Like she thought I would help Gabriella cheat on the test” Jordan rolls her eyes and laughs, “just because I am her sister, everyone thinks we’re all buddy-buddy.” Jordan can feel the anger rise back, “And Iliana!” Jordan grunts, “That girl has been doing everything in her power to see me fall down. Maybe her and Gab are in on it together. Nobody wants to humiliate me more than those two.”

The purring on Jordan’s hand intensifies. The stuffed cat begins to growl and hiss at a picture frame across the room. Nina glances at the picture of Jordan and her parents. Before Jordan could hush the stuffed cat, Nina walks over, waves a hand over the cat and it falls back on the bed limp. Nina sits next to her roommate and holds her hand.

“Why do I feel like this isn’t about the test anymore?” Nina lifts her eyebrow, giving that silent and sympathetic I know what you’re really thinking, look.

Jordan might be the only mind reader in the school, but her roommate can read her just as well, if not better, without any magical aid. In a lot of ways, Jordan believed that Nina deserved to be thought of as the gifted one.

Jordan’s face falls and she gives a soft mumble, “Why does she have to one up me?”

A strong fragrance of lavender begins to overpower Jordan, she smiles at Nina, knowing her roommate is giving off some of her cooling (what Jordan calls it) “positive vibes magic”. It never fails for her.

“Dig deeper, sweetie.” Nina nods her head, offering Jordan to continue.

Jordan takes a deep breath, “I mean, maybe not her directly, but…” Jordan pauses.

“Go on.” Nina urges.

Jordan glances back at the picture of her parents. She continues, “…but why is my mom always encouraging her to one up me? Everything we do is a competition in her head. I work on a new painting, Oh Jordan I bet Gabriella could write a short story based on what you’ve made. I bake cookies, Gabriella, some of your cocoa would be perfect! I work on a potion; Gabriella’s sage would really spice it up!”

Jordan reaches over her head and takes off her ponytail.  She shakes her head, letting her blonde hair fall freely. Nina could tell this is usually when Jordan starts to calm down. She mirrors her roommate and lets her curly red hair down.

Nina starts giggling, ready to lighten the mood. She scrunches her nose and lets her face transform into the appearance of the guidance counselor, Ms. Robyn. “And how does that make you feel?” She laughs and lets her face shift back.

Jordan starts laughing with her, she can feel the tension inside her lighten up. “Well Dr. Nina, I can honestly say hysterical. I just told you something really deep and personal, you crack a bad joke and for some reason, I think it’s hilarious. I should be mad at you for thinking this is something to laugh about. So why am I laughing?”

“Maybe it’s a revelation.” She suggests.

“Huh, maybe.” She purses her lips, thinking back at what she said. She continues, “Or I could have run out of emotion and switch to my default hysteria.”

“You, run out of emotion? Impossible. My nose would be out of commission before that happens.” Nina snickers.

Jordan takes her stuffed cat and bops it over her roommate’s head. “You know, I turn off my telepathy when you are around, why can’t you show me the same courtesy?”

Nina grabs the stuffed cat and presses it against her chest, “Not that simple for me.” She answers.

“Uh huh.” Jordan rolls her eyes. “Hey, I’m still too mortified to go out to eat. Want to stay in with me and munch on what we have here.” She offers.

Nina smiles at Jordan, “Like I would eat dinner without you.” She stands up and heads over to their stash of snacks. Nina walks back and hands her a bag of chips.

“Not to sound like Ms. Robyn again, but since you’re now Gabriella’s elder, I think it would be a good idea, for your sake and hers, that you try to work out the conflict between the two of you. She is your sister after all. Again, I’m just trying to help, but I think you have been a bit too hard on her.” Nina holds up her hands in defense.

Jordan’s face begins to soften, realizing there’s a part inside her that agrees with Nina. The words come out before she realizes it. She nods, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” She sighs.

Nina’s eyes light up.

“Probably.” Jordan clarifies before Nina says anything else.

“Mmm hm!” Nina beams at Jordan. She exhales in relief at the new fragrance lingering in the room. The smell of lemons always suited Jordan better than that nasty stench of burning metal her anger sometimes lets off.


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