I realized that I don’t want to be unique. No, I don’t mean that I want to conform or mindlessly obey orders. But I don’t care enough to become the “best of the best” either. I think it’s clear that my generation live in a social norm where it is important to reach above and beyond for everything. We come from a time where we were told how special we were, and overall, there’s nothing wrong with embracing individuality. However, I think it gave some of us a fear. A fear to fail or a fear of not being “special enough”. If we didn’t join X amount of extracurricular, volunteer for such-and-such charity and get outstanding marks in school, well then shit what have you’ve been doing all your life? I can’t speak on behalf of everyone my age, so this is based on my life. I feel this pressure on a daily basis. It’s both an internal and external pressure. Internally, I regularly compare my life to other people’s accomplishments (i.e. social media). Externally, people are always telling me what I should be doing in order to succeed. All the time I hear how important it is to be original, innovative, and stand out. But rarely, do I ever hear people telling me to let myself be average. In fact, when I express this opinion, most people don’t agree with me. Take my parents for instance. When I tell them that I’m okay with living a simple life, they look at me in confusion. Then they just spend the next car ride giving me a million reasons why I’m going to be the next CEO. It frustrates me how misunderstood I feel. I understand that people mean well when they encourage me to be exceptional, but being exceptional isn’t what I want. I want to remember my life based on the time I’ve spent with others, and the relationships I’ve built, not the accomplishments I’ve made or the mountains I’ve moved. In short, a lot of what I really want probably won’t come from accomplishments. I’ve realized that being the best at whatever it is isn’t going to make me happy. I do always try to be my best, but I’m fine with keeping my life simple. Anyhow, I could be wrong, but the way I see it, I could use a simple life.


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