A/N Felt like writing another super short story! This time, I had in mind the short story I wrote previously and kinda connected it to what I wrote. I don’t think these two stories are directly connected, just that they belong in the same universe. Maybe a different coven or something. So I had the thought of a black cat in my head and took the story from there. Not really sure how to end it. That’s why it’s sort of open ended and messy. p.s. I have recently been HOOKED on “American Horror Story”. For those fans out there, can you feel how heavily influenced this writing is? LOL I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but think of “Coven” as I was writing this. *sigh* Please someone stop my AHS vibe frenzy!

The Little Black Kitten

Written by: ravenclawatheart


Angela scooped up the little black kitten curled up against a tree and scratched its neck. She searches the cat hoping to find a collar or some form of identification, but the only thing she could find was its gender, male. She roughly holds the kitten up to her nose by the scruff of its neck and looks into his green eyes. The kitten softly bats her face with it’s paw.

Perhaps Angela is imagining it, but she notices there is something odd about this kitten. He hardly reacted when she picked him up.

“Why would a little thing like you be sitting alone in a forest? A tiny fur ball like you could get swallowed up by a hawk!”

The kitten squints his eyes and hisses at Angela. She begins to lose her grip as he starts squirming in her hands. Before Angela could tighten her grip, the kitten springs out of her hands and dashes farther in the woods. She watches the kitten sprint away and decides not to chase it. She never liked cats for this reason! They’re unpredictable and scratch up the first thing they can find. The kitten stops in his tracks and turns around, it’s green eyes peering at her. It seems like he is almost beckoning her to follow him.

Strangest kitten I’ve ever seen. Does he want me to follow him? She asks herself.

Angela puts one foot in front of her and watches the kitten’s reaction. The kitten slowly turns his head back and walks deeper into the forest. Angela mirrors the kitten’s steps, keeping a fifty-foot distance between her and the kitten. Occasionally the kitten would stop and turn around to stare at her. He wouldn’t resume until he sees Angela makes a step closer towards him. To Angela, it felt like a game of “follow the leader”. Like how she used to play with Jade when they were kids. One would lead the way, and the other had to copy the other person’s exact movement. There wasn’t ever a winner, just an excuse to be bossy to the other.

Five minutes have passed and Angela is feeling bored. She can’t explain why she’s following the kitten. Just that it sounded like a good idea when she started. She begins to turn around and head back when she hears the kitten dart over and stop her in her path. The kitten slits his green eyes in front of Angela and gives a silent warning of disapproval.

Angela sighs in defeat, “Okay, a cat is holding me hostage! I can have a sense of humor.” She shouts to the sky. The kitten stalks back to his path and waits for Angela to follow. She really has no idea how such a small thing is compelling her to do what is probably, the dumbest thing ever.

Maybe he’s looking for an excuse to be bossy? She laughs to herself.

Angela keeps her distance between the kitten and resumes following him. Clearly, this kitten knows what he’s doing and this isn’t a coincidence. How can it be? What kind of cat asks someone to follow it in a forest? She only hopes that whatever it is he wants to show her, it better be good! It would be a waste of time for her to follow one of her least favorite animals.

After several more minutes of walking, she starts talking to the kitten. If this day couldn’t be weird enough, what’s one more crazy thing to do then talk to a cat?

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think you are taking me somewhere. To my death? It would be ironic considering I hate cats!” The kitten’s tail twitches. Angela couldn’t help but wonder if the kitten were human, it would seem like he flinched. As if her remark offended him. Angela waits to see if the kitten will turn around and react, but he only continues walking.

Can you hurt a cat’s feelings? She can’t help but feel like she should apologize to the kitten. She decides that apologizing to a cat would be an absolute confirmation that she’s crazier than she thinks. At this point, her sanity is the only thing she has left. Angela opens her mouth, ready to make a comment on her own sanity when she notices the trees are appearing more sparse and opening up further ahead. She picks up her pace and heads toward the opening. The kitten picks up his pace as well and heads into the clearing.

Angela’s eyes widen when she sees what’s in front of her. A waterfall like she has never seen before. The water is the clearest blue she has ever seen accompanied by a ribbon of colors mixed inside the river. Angela frowns when she notices how quiet the waterfall sounds. How can a waterfall be so quiet? She should have heard it earlier when she was walking. She looks up ahead to find a meadow with unfamiliar and fragrant wildflowers scattered everywhere. The kitten stands two feet in front of Angela and gives that same piercing gaze, giving another silent request to follow him once more.

The kitten turns left and heads toward a building several hundred feet away she didn’t notice earlier. It seems out of place compared to what she saw earlier. The walls are made of bright red terracotta. Something you would find in Arizona, not in the middle of a lush and dense forest. The shape of the building is something she’s never seen before either. It appears to be a blend of an old fashioned Victorian home and a miniature castle. It has a matching red porch wrapped around the estate with two towers poking out. The tallest tower is open at the top so that someone can look out and view the open forest. The property appears to be maintained as well. Angela notices some of the exotic flowers she found in the meadow decorating the lawn.

The kitten dashes towards the house and perches himself on the porch, looking as if he belongs to this odd home. Before Angela could stop to turn around and head in the opposite direction, the door opens. A girl about Angela’s age and appears tall with tan skin and short dark brown hair. She walks out the door and sits on the staircase. She leans back on her elbows and gazes up at the sky, unaware of Angela frozen several hundred feet away in front of her. The girl closes her eyes, exhales and turns her head up. When she opens her eyes, she screams.

Angela’s heart freezes as she holds back a scream in response. The girl bolts up and backs herself toward the door.

“Who are you? What do you want from us? Ms. Penelope!” She screams. The girl reaches towards the doorknob when the black kitten hisses at her. The kitten approaches the girl and paws at her leg. The girl pauses and goes silent, gazing at the hissing kitten.

“I’m sorry!” Angela responds. The girl remains still, gazing at the cat. Angela continues, “I found this kitten out back on the road. He wanted me to follow him. I thought maybe he was lost or something. Is he your kitten?”

The girls face softens and faintly smiles. “No.” She quietly responds and laughs. “He’s yours!”

Angela’s jaw drops. Was this girl even listening to her? “No, he isn’t. I already told you I found him.” The girl turns to Angela and purses her lips in confusion.

The girl says each word slowly and with care. “Don’t you know what he is?”

“A cat?” Angela responds bluntly.

The girl shakes her head in disbelief and repeats herself, adding more emphasis. “Yeah, but don’t you know what he is?”

Angela remains silent, considering if the girl is asking some trick question. “Umm…No?”

The girl exhales and rolls her eyes in annoyance. “Your familiar.” She responds to Angela with a condescending tone as if Angela just asked her how to spell “rat”.

When Angela remains silent, the girl realizes that Angela really has no clue what she’s talking about. Suddenly, the front door opens and an older woman steps out. She’s shorter than the girl, yet appears to tower above her with her confident poise. She has long, curly black hair and a peachy complexion with freckles peppered across her upturned nose.

“Sierra, what are you yelling about? You nearly woke up the entire coven!” The woman turns and gasps when she notices Angela. “What’s going on?”

Sierra’s eyes widen. “Ms. Penelope! I-it’s this girl. She just came to our house with her familiar, but she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I was trying to-” Ms. Penelope cuts her off.

“It’s alright Sierra, I’ll take it from here. Go back inside.” She responds calmly. Sierra obeys and heads back in the house. Ms. Penelope notices the black kitten rubbing against her leg and picks him up. She turns her attention to Angela and smiles at her. “Hello.”

Angela feels an almost calming sensation overtake her and all of her previous anxiety slowly fades away. She responds, echoing Ms. Penelope’s calming tone. “Hello.”

“I’m sorry if Sierra scared you. It’s been a long time since a newcomer has approached our coven. I assume you are very confused, and perhaps scared.” She responds sweetly.

Angela nods. “Y-yes mam.”

“What’s your name?” She asks.


Ms. Penelope hums softly. “Angela, my name is Ms. Penelope. Welcome to my coven, Elizabeth Academy. A school for girls with unique abilities such as yours!”

“Unique?” Angela frowns.

“This kitten.” She answers, “Is your familiar. A definite sign that you are something special. Finding this academy is a remarkable talent on its own, but this kitten is clearly linked to you. There is no doubt you were meant to be here.”

Angela’s heart sinks when she realizes something Ms. Penelope said earlier. “I’m sorry, did you just say coven?”

Ms. Penelope gives a comforting smile. “I think you should come inside and let me explain. We have a lot to cover.” Angela tenses up, feeling uncertain with the woman’s offer. Ms. Penelope opens the door and gives a knowing look to what Angela is thinking. “For what it’s worth. You made it this far. What’s one more crazy thing to do?”

Angela’s eyes widen when she hears the woman’s response. Can she hear my thoughts? Ms. Penelope gives a soft laugh. “Why don’t you come inside and find out for yourself?”

After a moment of consideration, curiosity got the best of Angela and she follows behind the strange mind reading woman. “I really hate cats.” She mumbles to herself as Ms. Penelope snickers in front of her. Angela groans.

What’s one more crazy thing indeed!









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