More proof I don’t know what I’m doing on Word Press! XD

Hello everyone! Just wanted to write up this quick story for all the Word Press newbies like me. So yesterday I was in the middle of a blog entry and as I was editing the tag section, I noticed something was off. My tags didn’t look right. It was when I hit the enter key while putting in my tag, did I notice that I’ve been tagging my blogs wrong! As most of you probably know, when you tag, you put in the phrase and hit the enter key for the next tag you want to put in.

Well, little dummy me never caught on to that. What I would do, I would just write in the hashtags like this:


So instead, I would just use the space bar and write along as if I am writing one big text. So when i publish the article, my tags would be read as one big sentence instead of individual tags. Like this:

cant tag 2.png
It’s hard to tell, but when you hover over the tag, it is read as one big tag instead of three individual ones

Anyway after bumping myself on the head several times, I went back and manually corrected each blog post. Fortunately, I don’t have a lot of posts so it didn’t take too long. Let’s hope I can get more readers now that people can actually FIND me. HAHA!!!

Moral of the story, everyone makes mistakes and thankfully I learned from my mistake on time.

Note:For those who want to know how the tag should be, just hover over my tags down below.


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