This blog idea just popped into my head right now. All day “Once Upon A Dream” has been playing in my head non stop and I figured the best way to help is to write about it! You bet I will be plaguing this page with Disney gifs. 

What did I say? This page is a Disney takeover.

It is no secret to most of the people who know me that I am a Disney addict. I love anything Disney related and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. I have a Frozen themed laptop for crying out loud! I think that proves my level of dedication. There were times as a kid where I would get emotional because I wasn’t in a Disney movie. Oh, you didn’t do that as a kid?

Disney Princesses taught me how to be so theatrical with everything I do!

I’ve always been weird, even as a kid. My favorite Disney movies were princess movies. I had my top three princesses I loved the most; Ariel, Belle and Jasmine (back in the day when there were only six). Of course my ultimate favorite was Ariel. I wanted nothing more than to be Ariel. I even used to flop on my bed pretending I was a mermaid. (you are probably the first people I’ve told this to) Wait, you never did that as a kid either? Well shit, you were missing out.

Fun fact: I knew of a family that were named after Disney characters. They had a pet named Hercules, and two kids named Ariel and Sebastian. Why weren’t my parents that cool?!? #familygoals

Ariel had the best story of all and I could relate to her the best. She loved to sing, like me. She didn’t like to be told what to do, like the rebellious five year old I was. And we both wanted to marry Prince Eric! The only difference was that I thought she was nuts that she didn’t want to be a mermaid. I mean mermaids didn’t have to go to school, eat school cafeteria food, go to gym class or wear itchy school uniforms! What’s not to love Ariel? I will gladly trade places with you any day, just give me a call. My preferences for Princesses have changed (Rapunzel, what up!) but my love for them is only stronger.

Aww, baby Merida is the cutest!

I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate and shared the same dream, but I grew up wanting nothing more than being a Disney Princess. Why? Most would assume it’s just for the sparkly dress, fancy tiara and prince charming. Well, yeah but there was more to it than the fancy pixie dust. There was something about the Disney dream team that gave me inspiration and ambition. Think about it, if it were all for aesthetic reasons then I would want to be a Barbie doll as well. Not the best argument, but you get the gist.

wish upon a star.gif

Set all the dresses and tiaras aside, Disney Princess’ had something I wanted more than anything. Freedom. The freedom to do anything their heart desires. Disney princesses are bold and courageous. They follow their heart and reach their goals. No matter what the obstacle, they are still so sure of themselves. Disney Princesses are leaders and never quit. They all had an adventure and lived in the present. The future was never a worry or struggle for them. Of course I know these are just movies, but each story holds just a little bit of truth to life. After all, these stories were written by people who felt the same inspirations. Otherwise these stories wouldn’t exist.

Who doesn’t want a good adventure?

This post today doesn’t have a particular message or point that needs to be addressed. It’s just something that got me asking myself what exactly is it about Disney that makes me love the movies so much. Anyhow, I may be an adult now but I will forever have the place in my heart to become a Disney Princess. If Disney asked me today if I want to be a princess, I would definitely drop what I am doing, quit my current life and run away to be a  part of the exclusive Disney princess clique.

Wake me up when Disney calls me!

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