A/N: This is just something I have been pondering over for awhile. As you already know, I am by no means an expert of anything. I am simply, a lost girl searching for meaning in this mixed up world. Anyway, hold on to your hats, this one’s a doozy but an important one I had to make!

One common trait that I think most writers and readers share that are both a strength and a weakness, daydreaming. Personally, it’s one of my favorite things to do during the day. There are days where it can feel like a superpower. I can go anywhere I want with the power of my brain. Dealing with a boring lecture? How about I travel in the forbidden forest with Harry, Ron and Hermione looking for the ninth horcrux instead! Can’t sleep? That’s alright, I think Captain Kirk and Spock need my opinion of a new undiscovered planet. Stuck in line at the DMV? Disney World is more fun anyway! (P.S. anything is more fun than the DMV, am I right?) Alright you get the gist, I’m a daydreamer and I can’t imagine (no pun intended) my life without this trait. It’s what allows me to write, read or try anything new. But there is a problem with this trait and it’s the reason why I decided to write this post.

I was inspired after thinking about the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (note the featured image). To quickly sum up the movie, it’s about a man who lives a mundane and boring life. He manages to get by through, you guessed it, frequent daydreaming. The audience is often pulled inside his head and we see him face most of his problems through daydreaming. Suddenly, he feels a calling to quit his boring life and instead, give in to these daydreams. We follow Walter Mitty through a series of adventures and uncover a mystery. There is so much more to the story that I won’t give away but while re watching the trailer just now, I couldn’t help but compare myself to Walter.

Dream on, Alice!

Although I daydream in moderation and it usually doesn’t get me in trouble, I too tend feel a sense of addiction every once in awhile. Especially, when I am facing a difficult point in my life. I’ve noticed I can use daydreaming as a crutch and attempt to avoid the situation all together. Naturally, that idea backfires! haha! Furthermore, like any good thing, daydreaming can be bad for me. Ironically it can have the opposite effect and damage my creativity. If i spend so much time outside reality, I can lose inspiration from what’s around me. To put it in different words, when I daydream (obviously) it pulls me away from reality. Reality, the essential component humans thrive on to live. Without it, our existence is long gone. Daydreaming can keep me from making choices and acting on these dreams. In addition to that, it can distort my sense of reality and I can set high expectations on the real world that I know can never be achieved. Consequently, the limitations and expectations of the real world can disappoint me and prevent me from wanting to move forward. Confused? I hope not, my point is right around the corner.

Hang on Titus, I got a point here.

So I hope I didn’t lose you there. What I’m trying to say is, too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. Even if it’s something as harmless as a daydream. When I daydream excessively, it can do more harm than good. If I were to spend a whole day, even a week daydreaming, (and believe me, I could if I really wanted to) I’ve wasted a lot of precious time that could have been put into action. And for a human, time is very much important. Every second on this earth counts and wasting it away can change everything. Sad as it sounds, humans do run on time and we cannot exist without it. Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic. Perhaps its not like mission impossible, thirty seconds left and the only thing you can rely on is your adrenaline. Though at times, it can feel like it. Maybe time isn’t as stressful for other people, nevertheless, everything runs on time whether you notice it or not. How you spend your time, on the other hand, is up to you!


This is something that I have been working on lately. I hope to someday, not fear acting on all of my dreams. I want to be like Rapunzel from “Tangled” and step out of my daydream tower. All the choices I make on my daydreams are where it will really count. Instead of daydreaming about my new idea for a book, why not write a chapter or two and see what happens. Wanting to go to Paris? Thinking about it isn’t going to buy your plane ticket! Get on that flight instead. Imagining everything that could go wrong with asking the girl/boy you like out? Ask her/him out anyway and see what happens! Too much? Alright, alright baby steps. I don’t blame you, that last one is intimidating and I would be lying if i said I wouldn’t be frozen with fear too.(…Hmm, maybe instead start with a hello)


Overall, every choice I have made began with a daydream, but ended with my initiative. I wouldn’t have opened my own blog page if I only daydreamed about it. In fact, you wouldn’t believe how long I spent daydreaming about a blog. You would probably laugh at how long it took for me to pluck up the courage to finally start blogging. Ironically, this whole blog post began with a daydream…and a bit procrastination. But, that’s an entirely different story (and problem) about some procrastination that I will later regret after I post the “publish” button (finals week, am I right?). Still, this is something I felt that I needed to say. If i didn’t write it down now, I probably would never get it done.

So to all the daydreamers out there. The thinkers, the writers, the creators, and the inventors. We all share something in common. How we use these daydreams, that’s entirely different. Each dreamer has a new product of their creativity to give to the world and I think it’s beautiful how infinite creativity can be. Nevertheless, a daydream can be as meaningless as you choose for it to be. If you want to put some meaning into your life, don’t waste it away daydreaming. Prepare yourself for phase two, because that’s really where the adventure begins.


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