I want to use this post to go a little more in detail as to why I am a Ravenclaw. I learned I was a Ravenclaw through pottermore.com (in my opinion, the most accurate sorting method). At first I didn’t believe I was a Ravenclaw, I was sure I was a Gryffindor. For one thing, I wasn’t smart. School was never really a passion of mine and I didn’t get good grades until after High School. I’m pretty sure I would have been the Neville Longbottom of Ravenclaws. (For the record, I would be proud to be Neville <3)

Look at that nugget! Cutie ^_^

Always getting locked out the common room, repeatedly asking myself ,”why is it always me?”As a result, I would have a sleeping bag and overnight clothes stashed in the Hogwarts kitchen for when I can’t get in. I would have an ongoing rivalry with the Slytherin’s because of this. They would constantly go searching for my things to pull pranks or throw them in the lake (I gave this a lot of thought). I probably wouldn’t understand my sorting until my seventh year (like Neville).

Fortunately, the lovely Rowling already answered this question before I had time to doubt my sorting. After I got sorted, I read my welcome letter. I know this letter has been read by thousands of players who feel the same way, but the welcome letter really did speak to me. First, Ravenclaw’s are more than books and academics. A Ravenclaw is a thinker. They are the first one’s to ask the questions and don’t settle for lousy answers. That also doesn’t mean they are all super smarty-pants. They just like to think outside the box. Second, a Ravenclaw doesn’t care about being cool. They do their own thing, and never require an opinion. And third, Ravenclaw’s may not be the center of the party, but they know how to pick their friends! The friends they do have in their lives all hold a special place in a Ravenclaw’s heart and each moment they spend with their friends never go to waste.

If it weren’t for pottermore, I would have never understood what the other houses truly represent. The houses don’t stand for who you are, they are a place for people to go to feel like they belong. Especially when they live in a world that tells them they don’t. (Isn’t that the whole point of Harry Potter anyway?)



So yeah, I may not be the smartest of all, but as the wanderer I am, I search for wisdom. Wisdom will always be my ultimate goal and I refuse to live by society’s rules (even if I’m still not sure what those rules are). I have never, nor will I ever understand what it’s like to be popular and that’s okay! I don’t have time to blend in, it’s a waste of my energy. My friends and family are who help keep me together. I can probably count on my hand how many friends I have, but each and every one of them play a significant part of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without their support. There’s not a lot about myself that I know, but there is one thing I can be certain. I am a Ravenclaw!

And of course the added bonus, we have Luna! What’s not to love about her. I mean love is in her name. No one can dance like a Ravenclaw!

Rock on Luna! 10 points for you Luna Lovegood, you go Luna Lovegood!



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