Part I: A wandering Ravenclaw

As a sort of introduction, I thought I should talk about the main reason why I chose to start a blog. As the title explains, I am a wanderer and I always have been. I just didn’t know it. For as long as I could remember, I never really stuck with anything. I would sign up for clubs, classes etc. and I would do well in these classes, but I never had a driving passion to pursue anything further than what it was, an interest. So, I would stop and move on to the next thing.


Fast forward to my life now in college and I have begun to learn quickly that being a wanderer has a consequence in the adult world. In college (and this applies to the adult world too, I suppose), you are expected to do well. No, not just well, better. People pressure you into competing for everything. Not only are you recommended to take clubs or join sports, oh no that’s much to easy. You need to be the best at it, otherwise it will pay for nothing towards your career. Forget joining the movie club, applications won’t bother to look at it unless you were the supreme chancellor crusader of the movie club.

So for a wanderer, like me, there is no time for me to wander. As the semesters roll into years, I hear this question more frequently than I want to and to be honest, it makes me want to scream. What do you want to do? Like hell if I knew. People seem put off that I don’t know what I want. The fact is, I don’t have any career goals. I just want to get by and keep myself out of debt. Consequently, this is making my time in college more difficult than it should be. I just came back from an academic advisor today and I wanted to look at when I can graduate. It wasn’t until later in the session did I realize that my advisor didn’t even know what she was talking about. I just nodded like an idiot and accepted that I’m probably screwed considering I have no idea what I want to do.

As you can see above, I picked a picture from one of my favorite shows Lost Girl to best explain this post. If you haven’t already, I suggest you try the show. It’s available on “Netflix” and the”SyFy” channel. The show ran five seasons and as of last month, the show ended. In a nutshell, the show is about a girl, Bo, who spent most of her life searching for her purpose in life. In the first episode she begins to learn that her life is more complicated and less mundane than she expected. She is a part of a mystical world with (what humans would believe to be fairy tales) Fae. The entire five seasons we follow Bo and her crew and each season we are brought closer to answering the million dollar question. Who is Bo? While watching this show, I begin to relate to Bo a little bit more. She lives in a world that expects her to know what she wants but instead she decides to “live the life I choose”(her exact words). So through the whole series, Bo lives on her own terms and resists conforming to the Fae laws. This can get her in trouble often but she manages to pull through. As far as I know, that’s how I see myself in the future. Living the life I choose. Resisting expectations and instead accepting my life as a lost girl (or a wanderer to be more fitting for this post). The picture is from season 4 where they encounter a mysterious character, the wanderer. Personally, this was my lest favorite season but…I won’t go into that right now. That’s for another time.

To summarize, I have always been wandering aimlessly and that’s the whole reason why I’m blogging. To try something new and see where it takes me. Will it be permanent? I don’t know but I like to write so that’s promising. As of now, I like that this is (sort of) anonymous. I wouldn’t be brave enough to say these things in person. Obviously, the blog is a Ravenclaw because I am a Ravenclaw of course! Perhaps the next post I will talk about that and how I learned how I came to be a Ravenclaw. To get a discussion going, what about you? Is there anybody else that can relate to me? Maybe not, but tell me otherwise. If you were a former wanderer, how did you get out? Let’s talk!


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